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Australian Council of Professional Historians Associations Discussion Forum (2002)
"The discussion forum is the result of Tony Prescott and Christine de Matos' continued commitment to provide historians with every possible web resource." President, ACPHA

Professional Historians Association (Vic) Web site (2000)
"May I express our thanks for the time and effort you have taken in preparing our Web site. I think everyone who has seen it agrees that it is .... a fitting showcase for the profession." Secretary, PHA (Vic) Inc.

Niagara County, New York GenWeb genealogy Web site (USA) (1999)
"I am so glad to have come across the Website that led me to you. Thanks for all your fine work and help ... the site looks wonderful ... I think others should know about it. You have been wonderful throughout this procedure." Maureen Higgins Seifert (for client)

Our former clients who have used our services on a long-term basis include:
GHD Pty. Ltd.; SMEC Australia; Suters Architects on behalf of NSW RailCorp; Amflo Architects; Trevor Jones & Associates; Cape Cod Australia Pty. Ltd.; Modum Pty. Ltd.; Aleksandar Design Group; Extend-a-Home Constructions; Vaughan Milligan Development Consulting Pty. Ltd.

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