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Tony Prescott  BA(Hons), MA(Hons), Dip. Ed., MPHA, FAPI

Tony originally qualified as a professional historian and has had a long career, specialising for thirty years in built and movable (particularly transport) heritage and in urban planning and property. During twenty years in the NSW Department of Planning, he authored or co-authored many of the management guidelines for the New South Wales heritage system and played a role in many development issues. He has also worked on topics of cross-cultural history and is an experienced designer and manager of history-related Web sites. He served for many years on state and national executives of Professional Historians Associations in Australia and was President of the NSW Association from 1999 to 2002. As Publications officer of the NSW Association he was responsible for publishing extensive material on professional history in Australia. He is also Honorary Ferry Adviser to the Lady Denman Heritage Complex at Huskisson, NSW, and author of the history of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (From the Ground Up, 2005). In 2005, for his years of experience in property and urban development issues, Tony was admitted as a Fellow of the Australian Property Institute under its eminent property leaders' program.

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